While completing a short sale can be a good option for homeowners who want to avoid a foreclosure, short sales come with the following potential disadvantages and risks. You Might Have to Pay a Deficiency Judgment. In a short sale, the sale price is less than the amount that the borrower owes on the mortgage.

Solution: Most foreclosure sales are still announced. the home as a short sale. That’s where the bank agrees to let the owners sell for less than what they owe on the mortgage. Solution #2: You may.

If you already applied for a loan modification and did not qualify, you may be able to start the short sale process right away. However, in most cases, we are required to evaluate whether you are eligible for a loan modification or other home retention options before we can proceed with any requests to pursue a short sale.

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 · The NOD tells you that you have 90 days to get current on your mortgage. If you don’t, the lender may cause a Notice of Trustee’s Sale, (NOS) to be recorded after the NOD has expired. The NOS may set a foreclosure sale date no sooner than 20 days after publication of the NOS. Hence, it all adds up to a minimum of 111 days.

RISMEDIA, March 27, 2010-(MCT)-Homeowners defaulting on mortgages today may be surprised to learn years from now that they still owe thousands. event of foreclosure or short sales. “If you.

NEW YORK Many thousands of Americans who lost their homes in the housing bust, but have since begun to rebuild their finances, are suddenly facing a new foreclosure nightmare: debt collectors are.

Answer: When short sales started creeping back into real estate sales in 2005, many sellers asked how they could make money from a short sale.The popular belief was that sellers couldn’t profit from a short sale – however, there are actually a few ways that sellers can get paid to do a short sale. . Not all of them are legal, though, so be sure you’re following the l

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My question to you: What are the chances in Illinois for the banks/lenders to seek a deficiency even after they have released. Acceptance of a deed in lieu of foreclosure shall relieve from.

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