When a catastrophe like Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Irma, or Hurricane Harvey happens, your world can be turned upside down. During these tough times, it may be difficult to know who to trust and where to look for guidance and assistance, as well as what financial steps to take as you begin recovering.

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Mortgage Mergers and Acquisitions; Fed’s View of the Economy; Florida Brokers Flee Industry; Loan Mod Fraud

Mortgage breaks for Irma victims.. can make you pay for services you are not receiving after a hurricane, but it is a terrible business decision.. do have low-interest loans and grants.

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Hurricane Harvey, a record-breaking category 4 storm, brought disaster when it hit Texas in August 2017. By the time the hurricane ended, more than 200,000 Texas homes were damaged. Just as many homeowners were questioning how they were going to pay on their mortgage.

Just as with any home on which there is a loan, the lender is included on the insurance policy as "additional insured". The check will be made payable to you and the lender, on a reverse mortgage or a forward loan. The check would go to you and you will have to get the lender to sign off on the check.

Risk for mortgage originations in Texas and Florida jumped in September, reversing its downward trend due to the recent hurricanes, First American reported. However, nationally risk is down – a.

Americans face post-foreclosure hell as wages garnished, assets seized

How Hurricane Irma and Harvey will Affect Mortgage Loans. Residents of Texas and Houston are counting their losses after the hit of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Estimates of the cost of Hurricane Harvey’s damage could hit $190million while Hurricane Irma’s damage could cost $100 billion. It is not just destruction.