Florida foreclosures up 35 percent in July Residential Real Estate: A Southeast Update . of development of commercial real estate and investment in residential real estate, as well as the employment picture, I think Miami is a little better off than most of the Southeast,” Dennis.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. accepted almost 15,000 bottles of fine wine as loan collateral from a former high-ranking. risk of being cheated. Koch, the founder of Oxbow Corp., a closely held.

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The Defect Index reflects estimated mortgage loan. the levels of risk and rate of change rankings of loan application defect, fraud and misrepresentation risk reveals that major markets in North. Lee Davis neighborhood service center provides Tampa Bay and Hillsborough county florida residents with a wide variety of assistance programs.

Yant Garcia, 38, Hialeah, Florida pled guilty on September 5, 2018, to one count of conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States.. According to the plea document, beginning around 2012, and continuing through around 2015, Garcia agreed with others to launder the proceeds of an identity theft tax refund scheme and mortgage fraud scheme by cashing checks in names of persons who were.

In June, the nation’s mortgage defect risk fell. According to Fleming, four cities in Florida, including Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando and Miami were ranked among the top six cities where fraud risk.

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Blend CEO: To prevent mortgage fraud, lenders shouldn't ask consumers for pay stubs 1 out of 109!!! Those may sound like great odds. However, when 1 out of 109 mortgage applications in Florida have this type of mortgage fraud, it’s not a good thing. Check out this 2 minute video for details: Also, there’s an invitation to learn about "The Debt Snowball’, which bills to pay first and how to get out of debt!

The list was originally designed as a resource to report mortgage fraud, predatory lending scams and identity theft in Florida but may also serve those who are victims of many types of fraud in.

Florida created an impressive 33,400 jobs in February, the biggest one-month jump in new jobs. About 588,000 Floridians remain jobless out of a workforce of 9.52 million. Tampa Bay’s unemployment.

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The restaurant and bar in Tampa’s West Shore district will be the company’s sixth tavern to open in the tampa bay area when it opens in May. across the street from the University of South Florida.

The high. foreclosed. The Florida Attorney General’s Office is investigating one company, tampa-based hoa problem solutions, that got its start through auctions and has rented out dozens of homes.